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miércoles, 4 de julio de 2018

1 year of columbine_hs

Today 7/4/2018 a map of cs 1.6 was finish, that map is columbine_hs, a stage of high school of Littleton (Colorado).

Some people said I shouldn't make it ("is offensive....) but I decided do it by two reasons:
1st I said myself "why not" and 2nd was let's go!

Really pround

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

A new counter strike map

The map was name "city1" by reason exist a cs map with "cs_city1" name :(
This stage i began make it early in April and finished 5/25 of 2018.
Was a challenge make it, trashing textures, adding another news, layout, fitting textures...

Is July of 1998 and two US army sciencist were kidnapped by some Terrorist in Carcer (place where take action) and CT must rescue them and scape from city.

How you can see, this screenshot was take when
map had the initial name I planned put.


Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

Mirror 3:
Have Fun!

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2018

Info about cs_city1

So these weeks I was working on map and testing how lights works on map.
Here images ;)

This is one of streets.

There is a blue van and a sprite of stop sign (maybe ill trash it).

This is a kind of "green area" of the stage.

Parking, nothing more to tell.

On parking's top

Guard room (map is in July 1998)

sábado, 5 de mayo de 2018

Very old school Counter-Strike map

LOL the time passed since last entry months ago...
I was busy having relax and mapping this map called "cs_city1", wich looks like was make already late 90's.

The stage stills indevelopment... maybe next weeks could be done.

Next hours maybe ill send more info about this.

jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

How make a basic buy script for dummies - cs 1.6

  1. Open your cs 1.6 
  2. Enter in any map
  3. Open console
  4. Type (without angle brackets) <bind "any key" "galil; vesthelm"
  5. Press enter
  6. Test
Name of weapons for create this kind of basic scripts:

Glock = glock
H & K USP .45 Tactical = usp
Sig P228 = p228
Desert Eagle = deagle
FiveseveN = fiveseven
Beretta Elite Guns = elite
Benelli M3 = m3
Benelli XM1014 = xm1014
Steyr TMP = tmp
H & K UMP45 = ump45
Ingram Mac10 = mac10
FN P90 = p90
H & K MP5 Navy = mp5
AK 47 = ak47
Sig SG552 Commando = sg552
Colt M4A1 = m4a1
Steyr AUG = aug
Steyr Scout = scout
Artic Warfare Magnum = awp
H & K G3/SG1= g3sg1
Sig SG550 = s550
FN M249 Para = m249


He Grenade = hegren
Smoke Grenade = sgreen
Flashbang = flash

Other/Misc. ☟

Defuse Kit = defuse
Kevlar = vest
Kevlar+Helmet = vesthelm
Primary ammo = primammo
Secondary ammo = secammo

And Shield and Nightvision googles I don't know the command :(

This was a basic tutorial I made because at least I know and I feel proud :)

Finally crack_wars_cs is on red

After long wait updating and giving you information, finally map is on red...

The Yardies are selling SPANK in south of Detroit and Dimeo's family dislikes that because destroys his business, for that decided give cops a long quantity of money in exchange of don't arrest Corrado :p

Other notes:

Sometimes on Terrorist spawn lags little (but stills being playable).
I couldn't fix that, sorry :(