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miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017

My story with Boothworld Industries

Hello, Im Derek and I'm 17 years old, I live in a quietly neightbourhood in Athens (North Carolina.)
I've got friends, family who loves me, I pass every exams in my hs and my girlfriend loves me too.

The story I tell you was in May of 2005... Okay, after Friday I meet with my friends in Eric's house to drink and smoke some weed.
Between vodka and joints we laught a lot and forget school problems.

Some time at that night one of my friends told us there was an abandoned factory 2 milles of Athens (that's where I live), he told us factory is named "Boothworld Industries".
He told us too last night heard screams inside that building.

Then everybody decided go there (now im ashamed to follow them).
We late alrady 2 half hours to arrive there, everything was silent, only you can hear the crickets.
After we entered everything was old and rusty, minutes later we knew one of our friends was missing.

We shout his name everywhere on factory... but at that moment another missign between us... now
we was just two, me and Byron.
Byron was 23 years old and told me I wait where we was.
-"Derek, dont worry stay here ill going to nearly police station to report this."
He tryied reassure me and to appear be dont worried, but by his face I saw was afraid of that place.
But he didnt never back
I waited hours until dawn, then I left from that hell and I was run on road, after few yards one cop
car turn on lights and siren and police man told me enter into car, next what he made was tell to radio
found me scared. (My family called cops thinking I was kidnapped)

In cop station the police men questioning me why I was running around country.
I told them the truth... but they thought I was mad and sent me to  a mental hospital in New York.
Is 2019 and yet authorities dont want set me free.


lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

Create your first stupid script

Hi people im vodka and now ill teach you my very little knowledge about scripting :^)

Step 1: Create a .txt file idiot

         A .txt file must be created!

Step 2:

If you want your fucking script display a message on your console game add "echo" [your sentence]

If you are retard look image.

Step 3:

Now we gonna make you turn around right every time, then put "+right" under "echo this is a test"

This xdddd

Then you did that, save your .txt file with ".cfg" and put It on your game file (me for example for hl1)

This image could help you if you do It       for half life... Btw is same way in goldsrc

Last step create a new game, enable your console and type "exec test.cfg"
Now think you are Bill Gates!

Cheers vodka!

martes, 15 de agosto de 2017

This summer

This is beign my best summer of my life.... I met guys from Internet I found on a TF2 server, my mapping skills improved a lot and having a lot of projects.

Just that, I have this website little dead, so why not write something here ;)

Cheers Vodka!

martes, 4 de julio de 2017

columbine_hs is real!

Click on image for access to download

The masterpiece was finish in 7/4/2017.
The map is on version 1.0 because have some little problem with brushes and illumination.
About map I tryied do It as Columbine High School from Littleton, Colorado.
The map is not exact 100%, so before come here and post any stupid feedback read prick!
The map is for cs 1.6… but I made a version for sciencist hunt (includes creepy music and the skybox is different), if you didnt heard about that mod fall to a canyon and make me happy ;^)

So now... Enjoy it!

Feeling offensive?

viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Progress of columbine_hs

The progress bar of masterpiece is 55%
The library and cafetería are done (but cafetería needs very little details).
Yet there is a empty room i need fill and make parking.
I have problems making sprites (fuck!!)

After that needs hard work testing and columbine_hs will be real.

See you next days/weeks/months pricks ;)

martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Gamebanana dont want host my map

I trashed the last update because i think this is more important than last update...

The admins of site deliberated about that and dont want host It because "is offensive" and more adjectives.
I let you image of trash reason.

A really shame )^:

sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

Info about columbine_hs

Hi dudes!
The days 23rd and 24th of June I didnt work anything in my masterpiece (I had relax days, i need it)
Dont worry because the 25th ill continue the work and there will be updates!
Stay heedful and press F5 for  see if I say any relevant!
Cya m8's!