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jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

How make a basic buy script for dummies - cs 1.6

  1. Open your cs 1.6 
  2. Enter in any map
  3. Open console
  4. Type (without angle brackets) <bind "any key" "galil; vesthelm"
  5. Press enter
  6. Test
Name of weapons for create this kind of basic scripts:

Glock = glock
H & K USP .45 Tactical = usp
Sig P228 = p228
Desert Eagle = deagle
FiveseveN = fiveseven
Beretta Elite Guns = elite
Benelli M3 = m3
Benelli XM1014 = xm1014
Steyr TMP = tmp
H & K UMP45 = ump45
Ingram Mac10 = mac10
FN P90 = p90
H & K MP5 Navy = mp5
AK 47 = ak47
Sig SG552 Commando = sg552
Colt M4A1 = m4a1
Steyr AUG = aug
Steyr Scout = scout
Artic Warfare Magnum = awp
H & K G3/SG1= g3sg1
Sig SG550 = s550
FN M249 Para = m249


He Grenade = hegren
Smoke Grenade = sgreen
Flashbang = flash

Other/Misc. ☟

Defuse Kit = defuse
Kevlar = vest
Kevlar+Helmet = vesthelm
Primary ammo = primammo
Secondary ammo = secammo

And Shield and Nightvision googles I don't know the command :(

This was a basic tutorial I made because at least I know and I feel proud :)

Finally crack_wars_cs is on red

After long wait updating and giving you information, finally map is on red...

The Yardies are selling SPANK in south of Detroit and Dimeo's family dislikes that because destroys his business, for that decided give cops a long quantity of money in exchange of don't arrest Corrado :p

Other notes:

Sometimes on Terrorist spawn lags little (but stills being playable).
I couldn't fix that, sorry :(

martes, 16 de enero de 2018

Cop station nearly finished!

Hello, after days without any update infor here, I've got news.
The cop station (who replaced hospital) is near to be finished; now im adding little details.
Meanwhile Im making police station I added payphones at entry of building and adding new a basketball hood field and a little apartament building.

When I finish cop station and that new "buildings" ill post screenshots.
While to wait :v

Cheers Sgt.vodka

martes, 9 de enero de 2018

Important things about development of map

Okay, gun shop number 1 is done, two buildings are done, the market is half done and strip club is nearly done (just need little details and lightning).

Do you remember I said in map there will have a hospital, okay finally I decided trash the idea, the cop station will supply the hospital.

I began making outside of police station and now I need planning how ill make building (mainly I think make it enterable). 

Now the missing buildings are:

  1. Gun shop #2
  2. Cop Station
  3. Houses
  4. Some extra buildings

Extra ambience to add is just give it a marginal ambience planning where put decals.
Next days/weeks ill send here more updates, refresh page to see if I did what I told.
Cheers vodka.

martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017

de_crack_wars - Pre Alpha #1

Dudes, the generic structure of map was make, some shops (needs little details) and one of gun shop are near to be finished, Now needs optimization, more buildings, cars.... a lot of work yay!

Maybe the .WAD will have some new textures, idk yet.

Here a little video about how I advanced on development!