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martes, 16 de enero de 2018

Cop station nearly finished!

Hello, after days without any update infor here, I've got news.
The cop station (who replaced hospital) is near to be finished; now im adding little details.
Meanwhile Im making police station I added payphones at entry of building and adding new a basketball hood field and a little apartament building.

When I finish cop station and that new "buildings" ill post screenshots.
While to wait :v

Cheers Sgt.vodka

martes, 9 de enero de 2018

Important things about development of map

Okay, gun shop number 1 is done, two buildings are done, the market is half done and strip club is nearly done (just need little details and lightning).

Do you remember I said in map there will have a hospital, okay finally I decided trash the idea, the cop station will supply the hospital.

I began making outside of police station and now I need planning how ill make building (mainly I think make it enterable). 

Now the missing buildings are:

  1. Gun shop #2
  2. Cop Station
  3. Houses
  4. Some extra buildings

Extra ambience to add is just give it a marginal ambience planning where put decals.
Next days/weeks ill send here more updates, refresh page to see if I did what I told.
Cheers vodka.

martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017

de_crack_wars - Pre Alpha #1

Dudes, the generic structure of map was make, some shops (needs little details) and one of gun shop are near to be finished, Now needs optimization, more buildings, cars.... a lot of work yay!

Maybe the .WAD will have some new textures, idk yet.

Here a little video about how I advanced on development!

miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2017

Detroit cs 1.6 map - Development phases

The name of map probably will be "de_crack_wars" and is about police dismantled a gang who sell SPANK around neighborhoods of Detroit, the terrorist after that want blow up police station, thing CT must avoid and destroy gang members.


Pre Alpha (Work in progress)
Alpha 0.1
Alpha 1.0 
Pre Beta
BETA 1.0
BETA 2.0
DELTA (Nearly finished)
Pre Release (Last testings)

About stuff on map?

  • A strip club (enterable)
  • Police Station (enterable)
  • Two gun shops (both enterables)
  • Hospital (just building decoration)
  • Houses (some are decoration and another are enterables)
The map will have some Easter eggs :p

Stay heedful and refresh page to see if there are news!
Cheers vodka

lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017

Detroit cs 1.6 map

My map of cs will have action in a neighborhood from Detroit, the ambience will be little abandoned and marginal place.

Map will have some half enterable houses, two gun shops enterable, an abandoned school, a police station (this building enterable)

I began making .WADS (textures) of cars and textures map.
This can late little because I need planning what will have map.
At moment project is planning phase.

Here wads:

Generic map textures (own .wad)

Car map textures (need trash Liberty City texts/plates)
And yes, cars are taken from GTA III :^)

Remember refresh page and stay heedful for new updates of this

miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017

My story with Boothworld Industries

Hello, Im Derek and I'm 17 years old, I live in a quietly neightbourhood in Athens (North Carolina.)
I've got friends, family who loves me, I pass every exams in my hs and my girlfriend loves me too.

The story I tell you was in May of 2005... Okay, after Friday I meet with my friends in Eric's house to drink and smoke some weed.
Between vodka and joints we laught a lot and forget school problems.

Some time at that night one of my friends told us there was an abandoned factory 2 milles of Athens (that's where I live), he told us factory is named "Boothworld Industries".
He told us too last night heard screams inside that building.

Then everybody decided go there (now im ashamed to follow them).
We late alrady 2 half hours to arrive there, everything was silent, only you can hear the crickets.
After we entered everything was old and rusty, minutes later we knew one of our friends was missing.

We shout his name everywhere on factory... but at that moment another missign between us... now
we was just two, me and Byron.
Byron was 23 years old and told me I wait where we was.
-"Derek, dont worry stay here ill going to nearly police station to report this."
He tryied reassure me and to appear be dont worried, but by his face I saw was afraid of that place.
But he didnt never back
I waited hours until dawn, then I left from that hell and I was run on road, after few yards one cop
car turn on lights and siren and police man told me enter into car, next what he made was tell to radio
found me scared. (My family called cops thinking I was kidnapped)

In cop station the police men questioning me why I was running around country.
I told them the truth... but they thought I was mad and sent me to  a mental hospital in New York.
Is 2019 and yet authorities dont want set me free.